Who and what is a second photographer?

Who and What is a Second Shooter
Kim and I at A’BULAE, one of our favorite venues!

Who and what is a second photographer?


I use my friend Kim most frequently as my second photographer! Kim has worked as a lead photographer for years and is both a dear friend and trusted professional. When Kim is not available, I have several other lead photographer friends that I use as second shooters.

At this point in my career, I only use second photographers who are also lead photographers in their own right, and therefore have the experience, expertise and judgment of a lead. This is a wonderful advantage and provides two experts on one of the most important days of your life!


A second photographer is my assistant for the day, but is also documenting little moments behind the scenes. Having a second photographer allows for a much richer, dimensional portfolio of final wedding images. Second photographers are often the ones capturing those unplanned, candid moments that you (as the bride or groom) may not even realize are happening throughout the course of the day.

For example: While I am working with the bride & bridesmaids, my second photographer may be capturing a spontaneous moment of great grandma fixing the ring bearer’s tie, or the mother of the groom having a tender moment with her son. 


Nope! Second photographers are an integral part of how I photograph weddings so they are included in my two most popular packages.