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What time will the session take place?

Stone Arch Engagement Session

What time will the session take place?

Most photographers love to shoot during the golden hours, or the last few hours before the sun sets. 90% of the images on my site here reflect that period of time. If your schedule does not allow this, we can also do a sunrise session! The first few hours after the sun rises also provide very soft, even light. Here are some samples of golden hour light in various spring, summer, fall, and winter (respectively):















Minnesota Tree Farm Engagement_001

Fall engagements tend to be most popular (honestly-October books up in, like, July! If you get engaged during the summer, act fast!). Keep in mind that different times of year in Minnesota mean different start times for your session. A winter session may start as early as 2:30 or 3:00pm in the afternoon, while summer sessions could start as late as 7:00pm. If you are recently engaged and thinking ahead to what season you’d like your engagement session to take place, send me a message to book your first consultation with me and get your engagement session in the books!