What is the Pinterest Faux-Pas?

Pinterest Faux Pas 1

What is the Pinterest Faux-Pas?

Ok, who DOESN’T love Pinterest?! I think I’ve pinned over *4,000* items in the past six years or so, so the addiction is real! Pinterest is such an exciting, dimensional explosion of beautiful, romantic ideas. I have found myself getting caught up in the perfection of it all! I love seeing brides’ Pinterest boards and getting a better idea of their overall vision for the “look” of their wedding day.

The only caution I would provide would be to remember that Pinterest is inspiration and not exact replication.

It is so easy to get carried away {trust me, I know!} Every once in awhile I see brides pinning “looks” that are actually opposite each other, either in posing style, editing style, or wedding theme in general. I notice that sometimes, clients are unable to articulate exactly what they like about a particular photo. I am here to help!

I would love to look through your inspiration /mood boards / Pinterest boards with you and hear exactly what you like about the sample photos. I typically ask brides to narrow their “must-have-poses” down to 5-10 for a wedding day. That way, we can capture the poses you are most attached to, while keeping the uniqueness of your day intact and ensuring beautiful, authentic photographs that you know were captured in a true moment in time. When there are more than 5-10, it ends up feeling more like a checklist, and the poses you are wanting to essentially recreate feel very stiff and posed (because, in fact, they are!)

The ironic secret it this: the beautiful, authentic emotion you often see in Pinterest wedding photos is authentic because a true moment was created, by not copying anything else. ;)

My friend Josey over at Sixpence Events & Planning wrote an EXCELLENT article on this exact topic. If you’re interested in this Pinterest Faux-Pas and how it has affected the wedding industry, you can read more here! I also included this as a tip in my FREE PDF for brides-to-be, which you can download here

Better yet, if you’d like to hear a PERSONAL story, watch the blog this spring for a post about the floral meltdown I had before my own wedding seven years ago!

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Still stumped on how to include Pinterest inspiration without going over the top? Shoot me an email and maybe I can be of help! :)