How are you different from other photographers?

How are you different from other photographers? How will I know if we are a good fit?

This is such an important question! Not all photographers are created equal. We each have unique shooting styles, editing styles, and ways of relating to clients, among other things.

The best way to know if we are the right fit is to first browse my portfolio and blogposts. As obvious as it may sound, looking through my work will give you an idea of my shooting style and editing style:

  • When I shoot, I generally lean towards a photojournalistic approach with a few posed shots thrown in for good measure. I provide direction during a session to create candid, Pinterest-worthy moments, but also make sure we have those classic images where everyone is facing the camera. The key to achieving those “Pinterest-worthy” images and moments is to keep you moving. No one feels comfortable, happy or free to be themselves when they’re stiffly holding one position! I use a lot of movement through activities and silly games to help you stay moving, stay interacting, and stay natural. (See this article for the cringe-worthy before and after of awkward posing and candid moment!) 
  • My editing style is crisp, clean and vibrant. My goal is for you to look as beautifully natural as possible, with a little extra contrast and pop! I stay away from trendy filters and effects, to make sure your photos are classic and timeless.

Clients who fit best with me are ones who have done their homework. If you are reading this post right now, that is YOU! Taking a few minutes to read through a Q&A like this shows me that you value photography, you are thoughtful, and that you educate yourself before making a decision. *High five!* Clients like yourself are familiar with my work, editing style and the stories I tell through my blogposts. They trust me as a professional and aren’t afraid to communicate openly. They also understand that in order to achieve those effortlessly joyful, candid shots they admire on Pinterest, they have to be willing to be a bit goofy during their session. Will some of my directions and suggestions surprise them?! Probably. Will they also make them laugh?! Definitely. {At least, I hope so!} My husband Alex lovingly informs me that I am “not the funny one” of the two of us (HA!) so I have to rely on dorky teacher humor to make clients laugh (don’t worry, it always works!)} As cliche as it may sound, an open mind and willingness to get out of your comfort zone is KEY.

In fact…

Alex kindly volunteered (ok, he didn’t volunteer, I begged him) to help me demonstrate how I pose my clients…be sure to check out our humorous modeling endeavors here! Better yet, if you feel we may be a good fit, drop me a line and we can talk it through! :)

{Thanks to my dear friend and amazing second shooter Kim for snapping this photo! I am currently pregnant with my daughter, Esme!}