FREE Engagement Shoot


FREE Engagement Shoot

Meeting with clients for a complimentary consultation is one of my FAVORITE things to do. We meet for coffee, talk about your wedding plans, draw up a sample timeline, and hash out details of what it would look like for me to document your day! If we feel we are a good fit together, we move forward with and deposit and a contract.

Every one of my wedding clients receives a free engagement session!

Minnetonka Engagement Session

Why are engagement sessions so important?

Doing an engagement shoot is a great “test run” for your wedding day. An engagement session enables us to interact with each other in a more relaxed, predictable, and controlled setting. It will just be the three of us, we are not on a time constraint, and we can select different locations beforehand! Sometimes these factors are not as controllable on the wedding day itself.

An engagement session is also a wonderful opportunity for me to observe how the two of you relate to one another. Photographers do a lot more than just click the shutter; we love to converse with couples, observe your interactions together, learn about your likes, dislikes, common vision, etc. Some couples are more reserved and private, and are more comfortable with simple, minimal posing during a session. Other couples are adventurous and playful and enjoy trying out different goofy activities or games I may suggest. Doing an engagement session, or “test run” will also allow you to discover how you feel in front of the camera. When you first see your final engagement photos, you may notice some poses you love, and maybe a few you want to avoid on the wedding day.

Sound appealing? Contact me to plan your consultation today. There is absolutely no pressure to book. It is extremely important to me that we both agree we are a good fit before moving forward. Remember: out of all of the vendors you hire for your big day, the photographer is the one you will spend the MOST time with! :)