I feel awkward in front of the camera. Can you help me?

Awkward Posing

I feel awkward in front of the camera. I’m not photogenic! Will you help me with posing?

ABSOLUTELY! You would be surprised how common this is. I have a special advantage as a former teacher; I am GREAT at giving directions! ;)

IN FACT…I am known for naming my posing techniques after elementary school recess games (think…”red light green light-” remember that one?!) Earlier this year, a bride actually requested one of my specific poses, by name! I was very excited.

Achieving those endearingly candid, “real” photos actually requires the opposite of what you might think. (For more insight into this, read this article I wrote about The Pinterest Faux-Pas). Because of how counter-intuitive it can be to create truly authentic photos, it is important to come with the right mindset and be playful. 

Predictable, comfortable, obvious types of direction will result in the most static, pose-y, cheesy-smile-inducing photos…

(See above photo. Need I say more?!)


…while ridiculous, goofy, unpredictable, “she said to do WHAT?!” types of direction will result in the most dynamic, candid, joyful photos…

6C4A5709 copyStill need some convincing? Let’s talk about it. Sometimes brides-to-be feel unsure of whether they can get their fiance to actually enjoy engagement photos. JOIN THE CLUB! Every year when we get our photos done, my husband pretends he already “has something” the day our photo session is scheduled, just to mess with me! {Somehow I still fall for it!} He hates having his photo taken but does it for me. Honestly, if you *like* your photographer and pitch it to your husband as a “date night” type activity, that may help!